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10 Sci-Fi Show Suggestions for the Uninitiated Geeks

For those noobs who are wondering what good sci fi shows are available to binge on, check out any of the options below. They are a hood introduction to nerd pop culture. Hardcore nerds, if you didn’t get an opportunity to watch them live, now is your chance! Grab a partner and turn up the volume. These shows are available via Hulu, Netflix and your local cable network’s On Demand platform. Enjoy!

Battlestar Gallactica

Humans develop artificial intelligence and abuses it. AI decides to take matter into its own hands and declares a war on mankind. A few ships escape the 13 planetary colonies and bad together to find Earth, a planet that promises redemption from the machines. However, the Cylons aka toasters have a mission and a plan that floors everyone involved. Space combat, intricate plot lines and twists, romance and mad scientists make an old analog Battlestar class ship humanity’s only hope. The special effects alone are awesome and the writing won the series many awards. The SyFy channel remake is a must watch but the original 1970s series will do just fine too.


What if synthetics, or synths, could become sentient? Part robot, part human, these entities could now feel and experience life like most humans would. The catch? Many of these newly reborn cyborgs have no idea how long they have been online and asleep. They would most certainly want a purpose other than to serve. They would want a chance at fulfilling their dreams and desires. Surely someone must lead them through this new awakening, but who? This AMC thriller is worth watching because of the generational points of view on technology and the social commentary. The robotics and coding behind it are awesome and not too far ahead from what we can already achieve. (AMC)

Orphan Black

Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) has surrounded herself with freaks, lost souls and orphans because of her experiences in foster care and the real world. Her only motivation is to provide a better life for Kira, her daughter, with her foster brother Felix assisting her in this quest. To be able to do so she devices a scheme to pass herself as a suicide victim that resembles her. However her new persona, Elizabeth Childs, is loaded with cash and is a cop. Yikes! In an unprecedented twist of events, she uncovers she is part of a clone conspiracy, an experiment gone awry. Tatiana has to play all of the clones who have unique personalities.  Her work won her an Emmy. It’s that good. Watch #cloneclub and you will understand what the fuss is about. (BBC)


People from the future are sent back in time to take over the bodies and lives of those whose time is up. Their mission, to avoid the strike of an apocalyptic meteor that makes life on Earth unbearable and almost extinct. Will their plot work? Watch Will and Grace’s Eric McCormack star in this Netflix original. Season one is available now with Season 2 scheduled for 2018.

Black Mirror

Twilight Zone meets A Series of Unfortunate Events in this psychological sci fi thrill ride. Each episode is unique and non sequential with guest director and guest star appearances that will make you understand why the series is so popular. The social commentary is on point and some subjects will not be suitable for children or the squeamish. Episode one alone does not represent the series but does embody and showcase the common thread among all stories; technology has overtaken our lives in ways we can’t even imagine. The future of communications and human interaction is dark and full of terrors. (Netflix.)

Falling Skies

Noah Wiley stars as a history professor turned leader of the resistance against the alien invaders in this TNT original series. Alongside his three sons, he embarks on a journey from Massachusetts to Washington DC to defeat the enemy and restore the US of A. The ragtag crew picks up survivors and even alien allies to destroy the oppressors and retake Earth. The tech recovered from the invaders is very cool and the efforts of the team are very well rewarded in the end. Keep an eye out for alien hybrids too.

Quantum Leap

An oldie but a goodie, Scott Bakula stars as a time traveler stuck in a time warp whose mission is to right wrongs and help people live a better life. It is almost as if God himself had done this on purpose, making Sam an emissary of good faith and good will. Aided by Al, a hologram from his friend from the future, he solves crimes, finds missing people and rewrites history, even his own. This series is streaming on Hulu under NBC. It is a classic and a crowd favorite.

Star Trek

Picard or Kirk? That’s the question. Even though there are many choices under this franchise banner fans will tell you that there is nothing like the original and The Next Genration installments. (Insert arguments for and against here.) Yes, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise are cool but they are not Jean Luc vs the Borg good. Alien races, intergalactic conflict, space exploration and scientific pursuits are some of the many reasons you must watch these series. Pioneering and award winning, Star Trek has something for everyone. Live Long and Prosper.

If you are wondering why there are only eight titles it is because there are two Battlestars and two Star Trek series listed. ;D

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