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Disney’s MagicBand

For those not aware, the Orlando Disney Resort implemented a wireless ticket and enhanced stay system that stores your Disney hotel, payment method (charges to room, doesn’t work to pay if you stay off site), FastPass+, meal plans and pictures that also serves as an admission token. Called the MagicBand, it is meant to be an accessory and collectable item as it comes in many colors, patterns and Disney themes.


You can customize your band with many extras like you would Crocs (for lack of a better example).

Around the park you will see the Mickey ears logo in the locations where you have to use your MagicBand for access or payment. It is so convenient that I was able to leave my purse at the hotel, one less worry if it got lost or stolen. (It happens.) Tap the Mickey to the Mickey and voilá! You are done!

For my stay at the Disney Pop Century, the gave me a plain grey band upon check in because I booked less than 6 days before arrival. If you do this in time, you can order your favorite color band or upgrade to one of the limited and park editions before checking in. They will be delivered to your home and come in a personalized kit. A good way to surprise the kids. You can also use it for entry into the parks without a resort stay. The ticket window has a few basic options so you can upgrade your paper ticket experience for the MagicBand.

I loved being able to purchase a usable memento of my trip. Keep track of the expenses though as the My Disney Experience app will not tally it up for you and will only track tickets, pictures, add on packages and FastPass+ (3 total per park per day).


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