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Tips From A Yelp Elite

When I first joined Yelp! I wasn’t expecting to contribute much to the application. Truth be told, yelpers had such a bad reputation because of being smug or expecting preferential treatment that I became weary of posting altogether. Then again I realized that my Trip Advisor posts were gettint attention, so I decided to give it a try. Shortly thereafter, I was given the Yelp Elite status in 2015 and I haven’t looked back. Here are five tips to increase your chances at standing out review-wise:

1. Use humor whenever you can to highlight the best and the worst aspects of the business. 

Keep it light and make fun of those things you know people can relate to. Think along the lines of pop culture reference. Revenge is a dish best served cold but if you loved the place it is okay to say it is like Applebee’s on steroids. Many people will relate better to metaphors and humor than to plainly complaining and threatening to sue.

2. Make the review worth while.

Some people go on a rant about how awful the waitress was or how the food sucked but they aren’t really reviewing the place or offerings unbiased. If the service was horrible to you but you know it could have been a one of, make the comment about it after you complained to management. If you didn’t  your review will seem petty and over the top and the staff would have been robbed of an opportunity to correct the situation. Also if English is your second language leave tidbits in your native tongue. It can make you more popular, faster.

3. Be thorough.

Share your entire experience from parking to paying. Your insight may help someone decide if their time is worth the quality of the food, or worth picking the place during rush hour. The more you share the better the chance of your review being relevant to both patrons and owners alike.

4. A picture is worth a thousand words.

So maybe you don’t have time to write a review but you could definitely document your experience with pictures. Post the drinks, the meals, the desserts, the menus and even the receipt if you can. Visual aids can help people makr a better decision especially if the place doesn’t have a robust website.

5. Read comments and praise promptly and like or comment back.

Whether you are a regular at a bar or just passing through town, many owners and fellow Yelpers will acknowledge your reviews and experiences. Make sure you reply promptly and thank peers for their praise. The more friends and positive feedback you have the better are your chances at become an Elite member.

Also attend events and mingle with your fellow Yelpers. It never hurts to broaden the network while enjoying drinks or experiences on the app. 🙂

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