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Paranoid (Netflix)

British accents. Police procedural. Innocent victim gunned down in the middle of a kiddie park while her child watches. Big Pharma conspiracy theories. Romance, sex and deep meaningful relationships. Real characters with great rapport. The bad guys are the Americans? These are a few of my favorite things about the Netflix drama Paranoid.

Set in a small suburb in England, Cheshire to be exact, a team of royal police officers is tasked with solving the murder of a general practitioner. A mystery source reveals there is more than meets the eye to the case when the prine suspect turns up dead. Caught in a web of lies and clues that lead to deeper and darker places, the squad eventually catches their man. Their lives however are changed and touched by the case in ways that cannot be foreseen or erased. It is quite fascinating to see the characters develop and grow as the story unfolds. Very nicely executed!

My favorite character was Nina Suresh, played by Indira Varma, who is a 38 year old detective in the middle of a break up and rebound love affair. Her straight up, no BS, all over the place attitude grounds the series, since her humor and charm are a great contrast to the grim and complex murder investigation. It is really a treat of a performance and the rest of the cast is stellar as well. Keep your eye out for Detective Felber who is such a treat to watch!

Because half of the action takes place in Germany, the series has a foreign film subtitle vibe to it in some episodes. The difference between the two settings adds to the narrative and keeps you guessing who may be involved and why. Right around this change of scenery is when Big Pharma rears its ugly head adding to the plot a twist of psychotropic consequences. Could it be that there is a drug so powerful and uneffective that it may have caused ordinary people to become, you guess it, paranoid? Is the corporation willing to kill to keep its secrets? You will be glued to your TV until you find out…

This series turned out to be whst Inwas expecting True Crime Season 2 to have been. Stream on Netflix at any time to watch Season 1.


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