Quick Guide To Modern Text and IM Abbreviations/Acronyms  

I’m one of those older Millennials, the ones with no kids that have to infiltrate the 20 somethings to keep current and hang. Many times I have been stumped by what a particular phrase, acronym or abbreviation means so I am compiling them all here for quick reference. Feel free to use with caution and in context as some contain curse words. Hehe.

1. omw – on my way
2. brb – be right back
3. afk – away from keyboard
4. ttyl or ttys – talk to you later or soon
5. lmao – laughing my ass off
6. rofl – rolling on the floor laughing
7. bae – before anyone else, most important person in your life
8. bff – best friend(s) forever
9. ooo – out of office
10. imho or imo- in my humble opinion or in my opinion
11. af – as fuck
12. OMG – Oh My God!
13. np – no problem
14. wth or wtf – what the hell/heck or what the fuck
15. BSL – breed specific legislation
16. smh – shaking my head
17. btw – by the way
18. tbt – throw back Thursday
19. byo or byob – bring your own + beer or booze
20. lol – laughing out loud
21. atm – at the moment

There are many others but these are the ones that I had to look up and now use. Which ones do you use? Got any questions? Comment or send them to Mrsenginerd@gmail.com.

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