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Château Enginerd: And Now We Wait Some More

I can’t blame my husband for falling out of love with the new house. The wait has mainly killed any shred of hope I had that he was going to be able to see past the project management snafus and enjoy his new home. Even with the updates we made, and the trim pieces and layout changes he chose, the process has not been fun for him. Thus, it hasn’t been easy on me to have to convince him this move will be worth it. Nothing seems to do the trick with this one.

This process has been plagued with a series of unfortunate and costly mistakes; the water and sewer hook ups being the most prominent. There are a few poorly done terminations in the tiled surfaces which we hope can be easily fixed. I still can’t understand how the door handles were placed in the wrong leafs of the bifold doors, or why the original bifold doors in the pantry became normal doors. So many changes were made without our consent, and many were patched up in haste. You can see the battle scars and wounds.

Expecting a pristine house is a bit too much but the amount of rework required to make this house “perfect” for us is still high. The cost is up there in the thousands, a sum that will take a while to recoup after we put the new roof on the old house. If we could have backed out sooner we could have called another place home and we could have saved sooo much money. My chest hurts just by thinking about the washer and dryer we need to purchase on top of everything else; a trade off we signed off on to get the induction range and the retaining wall to level off the side yard for Zach.

As I type this the water meter is being inspected and the sewer and water lines wait for final approvals. The appraisal passed and all we need is the occupancy certificate to move into the property before closing. With a Nov 30th hard date to vacate the house we sold and owned for 10.65 years, it is now down to the wire.

Never again.

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