Mrs Enginerd Poetry

What Goes Around Comes Around

Smile, and the world will grin,
Bare it all and walk in nature,
Live not only for the day,
Live for what the future holds,
Open your heart to the endless possibilities.

Breath and take in the aromas,
Discern between all colors of the spectrum.
Enjoy the breeze, the cold fresh air,
Or any guiding force that overcomes your inertia.

Don’t stand in place, flow, expand, sublimate.
Fill the world with good deeds and kind gestures,
Learn to love, to laugh, to grow,
To see the value of all of life’s lessons.
Don’t be afraid to fail.

Accept everything given to you for free,
Even the pain and the heartbreak.
Build yourself stronger, more compassionate,
Step into the spotlight and shine!

What you have given shall be returned,
If you accept the manner in which it was repaid.
Everything happens for a reason,
Even the worst shall too pass.
Hold your head high and face the echo.
Resonate and vibrate proudly.

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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