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Trending Christmas Gifts for 2015

Based on the barrage of commercials and promotions, these are the top 10 gifts for the 2015 Holiday Season:

  1. Adult Coloring Books

From Game of Thrones to generic themes, you can find a coloring book for all the teenagers and adults in the family. The trend skyrocketed due to studies that showed coloring is a great alternative to meditation for those who can’t concentrate enough to relax for a while. You can find these at Michael’s and Costco. Check online for more options (try Amazon).

  1. Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines

Hot Topic, GameStop, and even Barnes and Noble, these figurines are everywhere! The company and knock offs feature every character from life and fiction ever imaginable. Great collectibles for the young at heart!

  1. STEM Toys

Goldieblox, LEGO and K’Nex to name a few, the need to develop the next generation of scientists and engineers has driven up the demand for this market. For toy ideas see my post STEM Related Gifts For Kids, Teens And The Young At Heart.

Mip Robot
Mip Robot
  1. iPhones, iPad and Equivalent Electronics

ATT, Verizon, Sprint, MetroPCS and T-Mobile have specials to fit almost every need. For those who need the device without the 4G network, electronics and department stores are featuring promotions to fit every budget. The Kindle Fire dropped its price to $50, which is a great alternative for those not able to afford the swankier models. Samsung S6 and Note 5 models are popular for the Android crowd, and the iPhone 6s is the newest tech from Apple. All these models have features to turn pictures into mini videos and to post conveniently online and store data in cloud services. They don’t have additional ports for external memory cards. The Galaxy S6 from Samsung comes in an Active version that is water resistant (can be used to take underwater pics) and soil resistant. Mine is five moths old and can handle a good 6 ft drop without the screen cracking. Get protective cases to extend life and avoid cracking screens.

  1. Fitbit and Other Fitness Trackers

New Year’s resolutions aside, most if not all of the fitness trackers have entry to high end solutions that serve as equivalents to the iWatch and other Bluetooth devices. With many health plans getting serious about providing incentives to get fit, these trackers are a good investment. They can educate you about your daily steps and caloric intake to diet and exercise more effectively.

  1. Video Games and Consoles

Depending on the gift recipient there are many options: Rise of the Tomb Raider for Xbox, Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty Black Ops III, Until Dawn or Disney Infinity, and LEGO Dimensions are great titles for your players/gamers. The last two games are great for children of all ages and include certain figurine sets you can collect and play with in augmented reality settings. If you have a child that likes to hoard collectibles, these games can get pricey long term as you will always have new figurines launching every few weeks. The Nintendo Amiibos are a similar concept and can be used with most Mario Wii U games. In terms of consoles you have the same choices as last year since nothing new came out, except 1 TB versions of the PS4 (CoD Bundle) and the Xbox One. The industry doesn’t expect new announcements until late in 2017. Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 are still being supported and with the collection of games, it is a good alternative for younger kids that you don’t want playing online yet. The new and old version both have Blu-Ray capability and can serve as family entertainment systems that include apps for Netflix and Hulu, amongst others.

  1. Movie tickets

With so many movies opening on or around Dec 25th, most people should consider giving pre-sale tickets to the cinema connoisseurs in their life. Check Fandango you’re your local offerings and times; not all films will open on all screens. Makes for a great family outing, especially for those introducing young children to the magic of Star Wars.

  1. Star Wars Memorabilia

The Force Awakens is projected to become the highest grossing movie in the history of film. Get your present and future fan a gift worthy of using during the movie premier and beyond. The merchandise is everywhere! Target, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond (use the discount coupons), and even your local Dollar Tree have items for your Sith or Jedi apprentices. The BB8 is the most popular remote control toy from the collection but don’t be surprised to find Bluetooth speakers in the shape of your favorite spaceship. My sister’s Tie Fighter speaker was totally worth the $50 price tag.

  1. Pandora Bracelets and Charms

With the Disney Collection of charms topping 75 different offerings, you cannot go wrong if you get the women in your life, who likes jewelry and bracelets, a few charms for their collection. The brand also features stackable rings, earrings and necklaces that compliment the bracelets but can be worn separately. You can find Pandora counters inside many jewelry stores like Jared and Ben Bridge. Check the Pandora website for locations.

If you need any suggestions for gifts, feel free to comment or send me a note. Happy Holidays!

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