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$5 DIY Halloween Wreath

As I revisited the cork wreath, inspiration stuck again. Halloween is around the corner and it presented an opportunity to create something for my front door that was both original and economic. Walking through my local Dollar Tree store, I saw a few materials and decided to give it a try!

What you’ll need:
1. Wire wreath (12″ or 14″)
2. Orange metallic ribbon (or equivalent)
3. Felt Happy Halloween sign (or equivalent)
4. Hot glue gun


Tightly wrap the orange ribbon around the wire frame and secure with a paper clip. Use the hot glue gun to secure the ribbon to itself or the frame. Next, glue the decorative art to the ribbon. Wait a few minutes and hang on a door or wall.

You can create your own centerpiece or use other traditional decorations to embellish the design. The Dollar Tree store stock has other designs as well. Get creative! Overall, the total cost was $4 and 15 minutes.


$5 DIY Halloween Wreath. ©MrsEnginerd
$5 DIY Halloween Wreath. ©MrsEnginerd

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