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Workplace Preferences Survey

Please help us understand what the generations or age groups expect from work and compensation/benefit packages. Quick 5 min survey. Ages 16+. Thank you in advance for your support. Spread the word!

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Atari Women (Non-Profit)

The women of Atari are strong, smart, leaders in their fields, having won many software development awards and patents; some are game playing or e-Sports champions, winning competitions as far back as 1970s. This type of awesome should be praised and revered. These ladies are gaming gods. How come we haven’t heard more about them? […]

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Comparative Oncology Research: How Human’s Best Friend is Paving the Way for Cancer Research

Arlene Weintraub takes us on a behind the scenes look of the world of comparative oncology research and the many benefits cancer drug therapies have gained by exploring how delivery systems and side effects manifested and are treated in both humans and canines. Melanoma, lymphoma and osteosarcomas, to name a few, have all been detected […]

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Masters of Sex: Real Science in a Sexy Package

Virginia Johnson and Bill Masters are real life sex researchers who built their careers on demystifying sex myths and misinformation. Not as sexy and good looking  as Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan, who play the power couple on the show, the sex duo was able to breakthrough in the fields of infertility, impotence and arousal […]