Adulting MBA Chronicles: Class of 2019 Mrs Enginerd

Information Assymetry

Thirty plus years on this planet have taught me that the root of all evil and many misunderstandings is due to information assymetry. Our experiences and sociocultural background skew the lens we use to perceive the world making us less emphatic and more judgmental of the motivation of our fellow humans. Assuming good intent is […]

MBA Chronicles: Class of 2019 Mrs Enginerd

Stanford Closer Look Series: Seven Myths of Corporate Governance

This is one of the homework readings discussed in my TMBA’s Corporate Governance course. Good food for thought, even for non MBAs. For an original copy of the Standford article, click here. Back in 2011, David F Larcken and Brian Tayan of Stanford’s Center for Leadership Development and Research proposed that there are seven myths […]