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The Longest Election Night in the U.S. of A.

As I typed this post, Biden was getting ready to go on stage and acknowledged the big win in Wisconsin (WI). Most of the voters in the nation had gone to bed on Nov 3rd wondering about the outcome of the contentious battle royale for President, and woke up to the surprise that both WI and Michigan (MI) turned blue, the color assigned to the Democratic Party back in the 2000 election. With Pennsylvania (PA), Nevada (NV), Arizona (AZ), Georgia (GA), North Carolina (NC) and Alaska (AK) still counting votes, the race could go either way. Commissions counted through the night to give updates on current numbers. Even FOX News waited patiently for reporting results.

It begins.

Racism, botched immigration policies, and fear drove higher turns outs in voting than in the last 120 years – 70%+ participation in some states. Everyone and their mother exercised their civic duty in an attempt to get rid of all the anti-heroes but it appears they all ended up canceling each other out. Fifty percent of adults still stood behind Trump and his croonies even after all the civil unrest that their white supremacist and authoritarian positions created. Some new and existing Justice Democrats breezed into Congress but so did Graham and McConnell. There was no secret sauce to ensure change. Georgia’s runoff elections would decide who would control the Senate floor come January 5th 2021.

©️ AP

This suprising turn of events, coupled with a staunch lean in Biden’s favor of the mailed in ballots gave hope to many that Trump could be looking for an new job come 2021. Sure, his campaign lawyers will contest results in close races asking for recounts, to which is part of the process, but it will take a few weeks, if not months to certify those results. In 2016, only 100s of votes changed or were disqualified during the recounts hence, at this stage, it’s more of a gesture than an actual power play. The loser will remain the loser regardless of all the lobbying and tantrums. The Donald tweeted misinformation, warning followers that the election was being rigged against him and asking them to #stopthecount, prompting Sesame Street memes. Panic and shock inside the White House started to set in. Their desperation wasn’t pretty, and spelling blunders like confusing polls with poles, prompted chuckles from many.

Around 10 pm on Wednesday 11/4, CNN, FOX, et al were reading tea leaves to cast predictions, wishing to declare a winner by week’s end.

Who would have thought we’d live in a world forced to watch in dismay as Biden caravans were almost run out of the road; as citizens intimidated others at ballot delivery stations; as candidates had to use security to safely cast their hopes for a victory; as representatives in Georgia ensured citizens all votes would be counted even if they flipped the state against the GOP’s effort to disenfranchise voters by claiming fraud on top of all their gerrymandering? As Trump finally dared to address constituents at 6:30 pm EST on Nov 5th, the news anchors cringed as he claimed the election was being stolen from him, when all other Republicans had been able to win in the same states he trailed in.

Just about 12 hours later, Georgia and Pennsylvania officially turned blue. Overnight, the two biggest Redstars bleu up. The rebellion had a shot of surpassing the required 270 votes to call the election. People cheered around the world as Sleeping Beauty’s dress stopped shifting colors 👗.

No more Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue for a nation that had progressively lost sleep over the last four nights. The irony was not lost on me as 158.9 million people waited for the fruit of their civic duty to ripen. About 800k of those registered in Georgia alone were thanks to Stacey Abrams, among others linked here.

Instead of a wave, a blue tsunami swept through the East Coast, washing away the possibility of 45’s reelection. Overseas and military ballots gave an edge to the ex-VP, which wasn’t a surprise to many of us. Beau, his eldest, who had served in the Army had tragically passed away in 2015 due to brain cancer. The GOP made a point of bismirching the reputation of his middle son, Hunter, during the debates inadvertently building sympathy for Joe, the supportive, heartbroken father. Percent point by percent point, the people of the land of the free and home of the brave declared war against evil, bigotry, fake news, conspiracy theorists, ignorance, greed, police brutality and social injustice. The phoenix rose from the ashes ready to roll up their sleeves and truly make the country great again.

Ding dong, the authoritarianism witch is about to be slayed

With 290 Electoral College votes pledged to the Democratic Party and popular vote winner, states settle into the task of certifying results and addressing lawsuits that dispute the integrity of the process. Saturday November 7th was an auspicious day. People celebrated in front of the double walled White House chanting “Black Lives Matter”. New York cheered as the President-elect was congratulated on his victory. Chicago roared! Kamala beamed and smiled at her cellphone, mid run, when her new boss addressed her as The VP. Millions of black and brown little girls will grow up knowing they too can someday lead one of the most powerful democratic republics in the world. No more talk of women belonging to the kitchen. The glass ceiling has shattered in more ways than one.

©️ CNN

Masked up for Covid-19 safety, demonstrators held up signs that read “Game Over”. The new first lady posted on Twitter “Dr. and Vice-Presiden Biden Live here”. Even Bernie Sanders appeared on CNN to share his support of the win, reiterating that “Democracy won out”. Concession speeches aren’t expected any time soon as the sore losers wonder what’s next for them. Social media is ablaze with hope, joy and good cheer. Christmas came early this year; 2020 has granted us a reprieve, a miracle, and reason to remember it as a turning point in history like any other. Time to heal. Blissful relief. Joy to the World indeed. Cue the Electric Slide 🎶.


Welcome back to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave #46, and if you can, bring the Obamas with you! Kamala, you are my girl, bring it!! Wooohoooo! 😭😭😭😭

We did it! ¡Salud coño! 🍻🏆❤🥳

For Nevada count memes, check out the link. SAVAGE!

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