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A Tale of Two Pitties (Books, Instagram)

For actor and content creator Dianne Scott, and her dogs Pugsley and Wednesday, life IS art. Daily sketches, recurring characters, and charming adventures fill their Instagram feed, @ataleoftwopitties, to educate and imprint on the 100k followers the many joys of adopting a pitbull. Guided by Hurley, the family’s first experience with the breed, each posts is a plea to end breed specific legislation or BSL and animal abuse. In this safe space, misconceptions can be put to rest by a community that embraces responsible dog ownership and a love for the big block heads.

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Through Zach’s (@ZachtheIntrovertedDog) Insta feed, my family gets to partake on Mayor Roo and The Neighborhood Watch’s many adventures and guest. I laugh out loud so hard with the humorous clever posts! The insightful dialogue and ideas shared by the troupe transcends the pics and videos on the account, continuing offline in an eponymous series of books that cover topics such as death, grief, acceptance, unlikely friendships and new beginnings. My husband loved the storytelling and real life pictures included in the four part series (as of November 2019). The beautiful and deliberate words of wisdom shared on each page resonated with the kid he is at heart. Same here. They are the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for any occasion, especially for those missing loved ones of the human and pet kind.

This labor of love is truly remarkable and has helped me process and heal from my recent losses to cancer. I can’t thank Di enough for putting her heart and soul into every installment of her work, and for showing the world how women can make a positive difference in the rescue community, and in the world, when they share their talents unabashedly and with the passion of a thousand suns. A Tale of Two Pitties brightens my day, and paves the way for others to join in on the sloppy kisses and happy tails that only the American mutt can bring to your life. Dogs, and cats, are truly a girl’s best friend.

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