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Galaxy Quest’s 20th Anniversary

Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shaloub, Sam Rockwell, Darren “Chill” Mitchell, Enrico Colantoni, Missy Pile, Justin Long, Rainn Wilson and the late Alan Rickman are a few of the beloved actors and seasoned comedians that made “the best Star Trek film of all time possible”. If you haven’t watched the 1999 cult classic, stop reading this now and search the internet for this timeless masterpiece.

By Grabthar’s Hammer…

The team from Screen Junkies did an awesome job interviewing the cast, crew and producers who set on an epic quest 20 years ago to create a lighthearted parody of the life of a “has been” cast that is reduced to making appearances at comic con circuits because of their primetime show’s popularity. Sound familiar? David Howard and Robert Gordon created a screenplay in which sci-fi fandom, as we know it today, became the true hero of the day; the earth was inherited by the nerds and geeks that turn fiction into reality.

Peppered with anecdotes, jokes, commentary by current TV show frontrunners, funnfacts about DreamWorks productions and tales from avid fans of Galaxy Quest, the documentary is a heartfelt tribute to the movie that almost never was, showcasing the difficulties of releasing a high quality product that would stand the test of time CGI and dramatic content wise. Dean Parisot, an amateurish director back in the day, took on the monumental task of filling in some big shoes to get the movie into theaters by the Christmas holiday weekend. The hilarity that ensued as they raced down the clock is one of the many pieces of trivia that make Never Surrender, a must see.

My husband and I lucked out and were able to attend the premier through AT&T Thanks Two for Tuesdays. Check out Fathom events, online listings and Screen Junkies for release dates and availability.

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