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Sharing is Caring: Facebook 101

Tired of seeing blank posts or reshares with no info? Have you ever wondered why this phenomenon is so prevalent in the social media giant’s platform? Wonder no more! Here’s how to help others avoid falling into the trap of posting out of context or incomplete messages to their newsfeed:

How did I come across this information? Recently, I’ve been asked to share posts from friends and family requiring some sort of assistance. Ironically, Facebook’s latest updates to the algorithm took away the copy/paste immediate effect of forwarding a post and replaced it with a cumbersome two step method that is rarely used because many users are unaware of the new functionality. Many times I have forgotten to use the triple dots to communicate someone else’s ask or experience. Whenever I forget to follow the process, I have resorted to copying the text to their device’s clipboard and pasting it on the new post. It’s not ideal but it works in a pinch too.

Tell your friends!

If you don’t get the … don’t worry. Seems Facebook upgraded the share function and all you need to do now is click the double arrow in the top corner. (July 11, 2019)

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