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The Best Bath Bombs for Nerds (and Anyone Who is a Kid at Heart)

Picture this: An explosion of color and exquisite aromas undertake your senses, transforming your daily self-care routine into a relaxing magical adventure. The rush of watching a chemical reaction come to completion when the bath bomb comes in contact with water and dissolves leaving behind a surprise gift, if not at least a more serene and rejuvenated cleaner you!

Does this sound like a dream? It’s actually possible to make this picture a reality in your shower or bath with the following products. My husband, an avid video game and comic book nerd loves them too, especially when they come in robot or turtle form. Take an opportunity to explore the wonderful world of modern self-care. It’s a worthy quest to pursue.


Located in many malls across the USA, Canada and the world, this organic products company has an entire section dedicated to bath bombs. Robots, rockets, flowers and seasonal designs fill up their displays making it easy to find any permutation of ingredients and scents imaginable. Their products are aptly named to captivate the imagination; vegan products and other interesting bath and beauty products are also available. Prices range from ~$4 and up per unit. Gift sets and individual items can be purchased or custom-built on site and online.

2. Da Bomb

Not to be outdone, the teenage sisterprenuers behind these bath fizzies added a very unique touch to their product line: a surprise hidden at the center of each bath bomb. Handmade in the USA, these adorkably named balls deliver a high quality experience for everyone in the family. Mom or dad can use their fizzy and pass down the toy or gift to their children 3+. Da Bomb is safe for the tub and for the environment. You can find these online, at Target, and sometimes at Costco, priced at ~$5+.

3. Ashlyn Nicole Soaps


This PNW business has made a name selling its organic products via Farmer’s Markets and other local novelty item stores. I was hooked in by the Whimsey and Amazing Grace handmade bath bombs, which were rich in moisturizers and essential oils. The Zombie Dust and Unicorn horn fizzies make great gifts all year round. If you can’t find a product online or in your local Puget Sound retailer, email, message or call them to place an order. Excellent exclusive and unique give away for bridal parties or a geeky pick me up for the Millennials in your life. Prices start at ~ $3+. (They also produce artisanal soaps and lotions.)

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment,  suggestion or review in our blog or Facebook post.


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