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Book Review: The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: A Handbook for Geek Girls by Sam Maggs

Quirk Books never disappoints! After approaching their booth in 2017’s ECCC, I have yet to find a geeky subject that they cannot deliver on. Impressed by the witty nerdy references and narration of Geek Wisdom and The Geek’s Guide to Dating, it followed that purchasing this guide book would not only be entertaining but provide an opportunity for introspection. There’s always room to improve as a human, especially one that belongs in this womanly category of fandom; a community full of allies and friends that deserves to be nurtured and empowered.

Sam Maggs delivers a charming, well informed and researched guide to all things fangirl. Newly initiated or not, geeks and muggles of all genders can benefit from giving this book a thorough read. I’m always impressed by an advocate that can rally the troops and generate converts, and Maggs does her best to explore feminism, sexism, discrimination and inclusion in a positive and enlightening manner. This book is a goldmine full of useful tips on how to make geek friends, do cosplay, write fanfiction, and how to plan and execute the best con experience. It’s brilliant, funny and narrated in a way that makes you think Sam is talking to you IRL. (In real life) Plus, it’s really punny! (Funny+punny and full of gratuitous nerd/geek references.)

My only peeve was that the chapter on feminism. It felt like it was implied that all geek girls are pro feminism, which in some cultures and regions isn’t necessarily a given. (I’ve had this conversation with my sister who is an avid gamer girl but doesn’t identify as feminist.) There are some chapters need minor updates because the natural progression of time made the info obsolete. For example, Twitter’s 140 character limit, or adding a shout out to the female Doctor Who. I’m looking forward to another volume or edition that includes new and updated sections. It’s a really cool read even with these minor issues. Highly recommended as a gift for the lady nerds in your life.

Women do make everything better!


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