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Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6

As a lifelong fan of Voltron, I was excited about the reimagining of the series Dreamworks launched with Netflix. What I wasn’t expecting was a coherent, cohesive, spellbinding journey into the human condition that expands the lore of the robeast fighting mech team. Romance, long lost family, and even reincarnation are a few of the themes covered under the episodes of Season 6. It is a show tailored for both the hardcore fans and the new on-demand, technologically savvy, looking for meaningful content generation.

After binging for a full six hours, W and I fell in love with Monsters and Mana and gasped at the very transcendental The Black Paladins story line. It is hard to review the content without spoiling it, especially since all you need to know is that the writers and voice acting delivers an experience that is worthy of viewing and analyzing on your own. If for some reason you have any questions or concerns, then and only then should you seek out information to frame your own conclusions and speculations about Season 7. One of the best cartoon/anime/computer graphic novels I have followed and enjoyed thus far.

Currently streaming on Netflix. 😎

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