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Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 5

Netflix and DreamWorks are at it again with the newest installment of the Voltron: Legendary Defender saga. Launched the Friday of the ECCC 2018, the conference was full of opportunities to meet the cast and creative team! 🎉 Sadly I missed this due to work. 😤😭😫 I did get a special edition poster during the events, which was a nice saving grace. 😁 I did get a cute TeeTurtle shirt that hopefully will get worn soon. It is so adorable!

Credit: TeeTurtle.

The quintet now led by Shiro, again, amidst Keith’s absence to moonlight for the Blade of Marmora, is figuring out how to help Prince Lothor strike back at Emperor Zarkon and the Galra. Not only does this renowned enemy become their new ally, he embarks on a journey of self discovery that takes him to sacred Altean lands. It is in the progression of his self realization as a biracial entity that he befriends Allura, who is intrigued by Lothor’s poise, elegance and intelligence. Not as altruistic or serene as her, he finds himself trapped as his emotional and psychological growth and maturity cost him more than he was willing to lose.

Just like at the end of Season 4, Shiro is still struggling to figure out why the Black Lion is reticent to warm up to him as he did to Keith. His fear and distrust of his own abilities post being captured by the Galra forces him to push himself harder than he should to regain control of Voltron’s leadership. While he figures this out, Pidge uses the team’s downtime to locate the missing father she left Earth to find, and succeeds. The character development plot line resolution doesn’t end there. Lance discovers a few new Red Lion tricks which help him blossom into a better XO or second in command. Everyone seems to be stretching themselves professionally, learning more about themselves as they collect newfound resistance allies. From the looks of it, each member is coming into their own, even Keith who gets unexpected news in the season finale.

Watch Voltron: The Legendary Defender streaming now on Netflix.

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