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The Crown (Netflix)

Queen Elizabeth II, Regina, is still kicking strongly, and as of 2017, she was not only an icon of the British royalty but embodied it. Since I was a little girl, the royal family has been instrumental in piquing my interest in the history and modernization of the institution. If Kings and Queens were still useful in the 21rst century, it would be because of the House of Windsor.

The fascination with the English royals is a very USA thing, an awareness that colonialism and subservience never leaves the minds of those once conquered. We become captivated by those who have kept us captive, and we fall in love with their customs and traditions as if they were our own. It comes as no surprise that The Crown even won awards and accolades. Claire Foy makes us believe she is the Queen and lets us inside her life as if it wasn’t already televised enough during the last 65+ years.


The genius of this series is that it focuses on the woman behind the ruler; the mother, wife and daughter that has to step into the spotlight and rule with ice in her veins. The rules that apply to her are not our own, and she must learn to navigate the politics and changing social norms of a country evolving after the deadliest and darkest war of them all: WWII. She must balance her home life with the responsibilities of the crown, raising her son Charles to be the future King while still bestowing upon him the love and admiration a parent does on their progeny. For her, raising her successor is a fine dance that ironically never has come to an end as she still reigns supreme over the Commonwealth.

Considering Prince Philip, 92 at the time of this post, is still by Elizabeth’s side, one must wonder if this isn’t a ploy to capture what is truly one of the most interesting and public love affairs of all time. The episodes make this power couple endearing yet relatable, reminding us all that marriage is real work with veritable sacrifice and compromise. Loving a woman of power is a blessing, an opportunity to prove to the world that men don’t always have to be the head of the household for its members to prosper and be successful. In this post Wonder Woman movie world, girl and woman power is strong in film and politics. Hopefully The Crown will serve as an example as to why. 😎

Long live the Queen! 👑🎉👏❤

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