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The Disappearance of Maura Murray

Oxygen green lit a documentary series featuring Maggie Freleng and Art Roderick to explore what happened to UMass student Maura Murray who vanished without a trace in the small town of Woodsville in Havenhill, New Hampshire. Surrounded by a cloud of mystery and suspense, her story has been nationally followed by reporters, crime novelists, podcasters and online media outlets. Thirteen years have passed and no one knows what truly happened between the time she crashed her car in a remote icy road and the time the emergency responders arrived to the scene. She was lost to the dark and cold winter environment.

The Disappearance of Maura Murray - Season 1
Art and Maggie discussing investigative leads. Oxygen

Because of the network’s influence and reach, the police decided to cooperate and give up interviews and resources to help Art and Maggie piece together the puzzles surrounding this cold case. Maura’s family also pitched in, with imaginable reserves, to finally get some traction on the investigation. Between witness accounts, some questionable evidence from an A framed house, and help from renowned medium Allison DuBois, the case has been reopened to determine if foul play led to our missing person’s disappearance.

Watch as the cast and crew reenact Maura’s journey from college to the remote New Hampshire town, and learn about her state of mind and possible motivations. Six episodes full of background info, key player introductions and a recollection of past efforts and contributors. It is truly a heartbreaking and interesting story; a must watch for true crime buffs and podcast addicts.

On Demand via Oxygen or your TV provider.

For more information check out or the facebook page for the documentary.

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