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American Vandal: Season 1 (Netflix)

Everyone knows drawing penises on stuff is funny until someone gets framed for causing 100k in vandalism damage. This is what happened to Dylan Maxwell, an unsuspecting self-professed prankster and class loser, paints himself into a corner due to his obsession with drawing dicks everywhere. According to the School Board, it is obvious that Dylan is guilty of leaving his signature all over 27 faculty cars. The problem? The security footage was mysteriously erased and the only witness, Alex Tromboli, is a known embellisher or facts and outcast willing to do anything to get into the spotlight and act like a hero.

Because Dylan seems sincere, two of his Hanover High schoolmates, part of the Morning Show 9, decide to start an unofficial investigation into the case. With a scholarship and diploma to lose, it would be true miscarriage of justice if the accused lost everything he has earned due to the frame up. The faculty is convinced they got their man. His peers beg to differ, and even suspect some of the teachers could be the ones behind this perfect crime. 😎

In the most self-deprecating, humorous, satirical manner, the producers and filmmakers present a story full of intrigue, suspense and teenage drama. The reenactments and calculations are precious and delightfully entertaining, and the aha! moments are priceless! Netflix hit the ball out of the park with this series, which does a nice tribute to podcasts, true crime shows (spoofing its own Making a Murderer), and the pubescent quest for the truth. Watch out Serial, these kids are going to blow your status out of the water!

This is dick humor at its best – I haven’t laughed so hard while pretending to solve a crime. Don’t miss American Vandal, Seasons 1 and 2, currently streaming on Netflix.

The truth is out there…

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