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T- 2 Days and a Wake Up to: Ireland

It was not intentional but we had been eyeing going to Ireland for a few decades and couldn’t resist tying the trip to the Game of Thrones season finale. Filmed in the lush forests and unique castles of the Emerald Isle, there are several fan tours that take you to Winterfell, the Iron Islands, and The Twins. After talking Dubrovnik’s, aka King’s Landing, walking tour in Croatia we couldn’t pass the opportunity to build on the tourism boom the show created around world. Better get there before it is either too commercial or overdone.

We will stay in Dublin and Belfast, taking in the sites. Guiness, Jameson and the Titanic Museum will round up the GoT palooza my sister funded for our family of 4 – my mom is going with us since the last time we were all in Europe was 2004! Hopefully the weather cooperates as it already feel like fall, with 60°F temps and scattered showers. Winter is coming folks. Summer is almost over.

Stay tuned…

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