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7 Things To Consider When Watching Game of Thrones (HBO)

The world of Westeros and the fourteen seas is unique in nature. Whatever occurs in that world is guided by a few misunderstood or overlooked principles. To be able to introduce magic, dragons and the undead, George R.R. Martin had to forgo traditional concepts, which was easier to do by using a medieval setting for his fantasy horror story. Such as:

1. The physics of A Song of Ice and Fire are unlike our own.

For winter to come and stay so long, the planet’s path around their sun is nearly impossible to calculate and ponder. When only half of the world is under snow, and in the reach of the white walkers, you have to realize it is only convenient for the storytelling. Therefore…

2. Magic exists in Westeros and Essos, and beyond its borders.

The Lord of Light being just one example of how faith and it can intersect to form powerful religions and rebellion. Traditional norms become a hindrance for the populace. Even those in chains now have a chance to be free. Which makes sense because…

3. The rulers of Westeros are men, thus patriarchal in nature.

The rise of Daenerys and Cersei as ruling Queens, and the presence of Oleanna, Margery, Arya and Ellaria as strong strategists and warriors, challenges the status quo. In a wat, George decided to bring the patriarchy down by employing women in power as the antidote to the quarrels of men. Ruthless and cruel, their methods surpass those of their male counterparts and inspire fear and respect in ways never considered for the women of that world. Even Gilly has surprised viewers with her awareness of the situation, leading Sam down the right path. Which reminds me…

4. Because there is magic, unexplained, the medical progress and technology are still behind the times.

Salves, prayers, forbidden books. Medicine in Westeros is not existent. Short of Maesters experimenting with techniques, there is no cooperative effort to further healing or treatments of ailments with magic or science. Education is left to the men and elite only, which is why it takes such a long time to come up with saving graces. Sam’s initiative may have saved a Lord, but so many more could have been saved if the people of the Seven Kingdoms were better acquainted with the science of their world.

5. Dragons can be commanded by more than one person.

Assuming Drogon stays loyal to Dany, Viserion or Rhaegal can abdicate and join forces with another dragon rider. It was common in the olden days to have both male and female riders, and depending on the training, the dragons could be used in battle to coordinate tactical attacks. There is a chance that there could be a dragon with the Night King’s army but so far, that is only a fan theory.

6. Don’t forget that George promised death and destruction as the end of the series.

For years, George has declared that in the end everyone dies, which either results in all folks becoming white walkers, or a few people escaping to Essos if winter doesn’t extend over there. Expect the death and gore to escalate, until we are more horrified than content with the subject matter.

7. The prophesy of the Prince was ammended to keep the ending open to any possibilities.

In the books there is talk about one of Rhaegon’s children being left alive. The story arc there was to marry the surviving nephew with Daenerys, way before it was revealed that Jon Snow was a Targaryen. The problem here is that Jon is very much a bastard either way, so he has no claim to any throne. Most likely Sansa will have to assume the role of Warden of the North, while the rest of the women fight to rule without a king by their side. The ultimate feminist dream. A world ruled by women.

Note: With no wildfire or care for the White Walkers, Cersei will play a role in getting everyone distracted from the real issues. It will be interesting to see if women are the cure for the strife in Westeros and beyond or if under their thumb it will burn and consume itself.


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