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“A Girl Can Do That…”

Atomic Blonde was a labor of love for Charlize Theron, who had to produce a female lead action movie at 40 because not one single worthy project had fallen in her lap. As a producer, she grabbed the opportunity to search for the hero she wanted to portray as an actor and she found it in Lorraine, a true Atomic Blonde.

During the 2017 San Diego Comic Con, Charlize addressed her journey to become this iconic bad ass character and bring her to the silver screen. Her 4+ hour work outs made her so confident, the movie was recorreographed to be more physical. She was so good at picking up the martial arts and action sequences that she didn’t even need a stunt double for most scenes. Her presence as an actor makes her actions grand and flawless. You believe she is an MI6 agent, one as excellent or better than the best 00s. Her past is as mysterious as her motives, playing by the same rules as men.


EW sponsored the Womem Who Kick Ass Icon panel and Charlize delivered, even demanding  Women can rock the world and don’t need some tragic origin story to do so. Lorraine, like Charlize, doesn’t need an excuse to be a bad ass. They are both fearless and unstoppable. About time humans realized how amazing and awesome women can be when given free rein to color and exist outside of the lines. Go watch Atomic Blonde and support all female written, directed and led by women actors. The myth that women can’t command the box office ended as Wonder Woman being the most grossing film of the 2017 summer has put it to rest!

Atomic Blonde opens July 27th.

Oh, and next time: SDCC volunteers and staff, make sure the questions in a panel for women are asked by women. Charlize’s demand of “We cannot end without a female question” was proof that she means business. GIRL POWER!!!

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