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Chateau Enginerd: The Builder To Do List

On the Week 2 blog post, we shared the list of items that were still owed to us by the builder. Almost 4 months in, the crew has barely tackled a few of the items, and many we did ourselves to shorten the list and get the ball rolling. The fence is still uneven and needs some adjustments to be cleared off the list. They haven’t been able to argue convincingly that the yard leveling work will ever happen so we are getting bids to pass them the bill later, if it isn’t resolved to our satisfaction. At least the A/C works now! (Install guys never attached the wiring for the unit to the breaker box. Wow!)

For those curious,  this is what is still missing per the contract:

1. Fence and sod.

2. A/C

3. Laundry vent – not working.

4. Railing.

5. Hot water in tub not working.

6. Two doors that close but don’t lock.

7. Keys to side and garage doors. (AUG 1)

8. Repainting of side of house and vent hole close outs. (+Painting front door.)

9. Doorbell wire diagram or instructions.  (Looking into this myself.)

10. Master rain shower close out piece.

11. Hang cabinet in laundry room wall between sink and washer. (Done during the weekend.)

12. Steps on the backyard stairs.

13. Cleaning exterior of the house.

14. Broken screen on dining room window. Missing screens. (November 2017)

15. Removing construction debris from front yard.

16. Removing equipment from garage if fence is contracted out.

17. Talk to neighbors about their fence.

18. Installing lightbulbs for the air vents/fans. (Light switch wiring fix, tbd)

19. Cabinet door pulls. (Late Sept 2017)

20. The one car garage door has a dent and cut in it that is visible and may lead to rusting.  Had to replace due to vandalism.

21. Microwave 

It has been an interesting journey with these build crew and we still have hope and faith they will deliver. My husband can’t get over the door pulls being missing all this time. The money is tight and we are hoping to get this yard under control soon so we can use it more efficiently.

Finger’s crossed. 

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