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Good Bones (HGTV)

After binging on Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper and other demo and remodel shows, I stumbled upon this beauty. Set in the historic neighborhoods of Indianapolis, Mina, Karen and Tad renovate homes that are dilapidated and in rough shape to return them to their original glory. These Two Chicks and a Hammer, with their stupid demolition partner (Tad) pour their heart, soul, grit and creativity into each project. The family dynamics are fun to watch because their love for the work makes it a true joy to watch.

If I had known about this show earlier, I would have incorporated a few of their ideas into the new house. Their staging techniques bring industrial and Victorian styles into the modern times within a modest budget. All their projects seem to ooze a solemn yet vibrant energy that captivate the audience and the buyers alike. Mina’s expertise in home construction and design are awe inspiring and worthy of admiration. She, and her mom, prove women can change the world, one tool belt at a time. Hehe

This hands on, crafty crew will win over your heart and respect. They truly to their jobs for the challenge and not the money. If you build a high quality product and make a difference in the communities you touch, the cash will flow in eventually. Lovely attitude to have in these dark times. This family is proof that the welcoming vibe of the heartland is still alive and well. Their smiles and satisfied looks at the end of each remodel inspire me to do more at home and not sell myself short. True girl power.

Watch on demand now on HGTV.


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