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Zach v Vet: Round 2

A year ago, Zach was exhibiting symptoms of digestive distress so we had to venture into the real world to take him to the vet. Back then it was a very slow and stressful ordeal to get him muzzled and leashed to coerce him into our SUV and lead him to the examination room. He would lunge, bark and growl at every single human or animal he would see. Even with heavy sedation he would still try to protect himself. 😣😥😖

Miraculously, it took half the time and even less than half the effort to muzzle, leash and coerce him into the CX-9. He went voluntarily with the assistant and didn’t bark or growl at her. When they sent him to the exam room he didn’t react to the staff that was in and out of the 8×8 cell; and that’s being generous. The vet took him out back where “a puppy with a death wish” barked and “charged” at Z who dismissed him with a quick bark and ignore. In the X-ray room, with a bit more sedation than the 60 mgs of fluoxetine we were told to give him in the morning, he allowed himself to be examined. After a short stay in a kennel run, he was returned to us safe and sound.


The diagnosis was a hint of hip dysplasia with a muscular sprain on the opposing hind leg. He will need to rest and keep still for a few days until the muscle heals. His canines are a bit worn down for his age so he was told to lay off the Jolly Balls or at least be gentler with them. 😂😂😂 As an athlete, he is devastated he will need to rest for at least 3 more days, more if he can spare it. Follow up won’t be necessary unless the limp gets worse. Please send him strong vibes to assist him in the healing process and to keep him calm. He shook himself tired after both car rides, the anxiety overwhelming him, and has no interest in food, yet.

Northwest Animal Hospital treated Zach so well that he rewarded them with his best behavior. I can’t thank them enough for checking him out and taking good care of him while he recovered from the sedative. He is forever grateful for the attention and love he got and we were amazed at how much improvement he has shown when handling situations like these. It’s really impressive how much he has grown as a member of our family. 😍😍🤗


Paws crossed he is running amok in the yard soon!

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Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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