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What Kyle Reese Taught Me About Love

Why you must re-watch #Terminator if you are a kid of the 80s. #feminism #lovetrumpsSkynet

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If you are a fan of The Terminator franchise, you are already familiar with the predestination paradox Kyle Reese cemented when he became John Connor’s father. Regardless of how you justify the existence of this universe, and the parentage of the world’s savior, it all comes down to one detail: John Connor and Skynet are interconnected and the existence of one depends on the existence of the other. They are both an integral part of Judgment Day.

After a few discussions with my friends about the predestination paradox (we are all engineers and I just so happen to be best friends with a Physics PhD from MIT that likes to humor me), one thing became clear to me; the story wasn’t about John, or the space-time continuum problems it presented, it was about his mother Sarah. People seem to forget she is the reason all of this time travel occurs…

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