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March Madness: OSU v UCLA and Oregon v Stanford Semis WNCAA Pac-12 Hoops

I have to be honest, I have never heard the term March Madness used for female basketball. Probably their Championship tournament is not for a few more weeks or it could even be that the male team brackets are considered more important. It is a shame really because these young ladies can play hard, making the game just as entertaining and competitive ad the guys.

Shortly after UConn’s 100-0 record, I got wind through the Alaska and WA Make a Wish foundation that the Seattle Storm were donating tickets for the volunteers to attend the Pac-12 Basketball Tournament. Jumping at the chance to see the women’s team was an easy decision so I picked tickets for the two semifinal games. Boy did they deliver!


Let us address the elephant in the room: Why go to a game when the “girls” can’t play as well as the boys. It’s all equality garbage time. Wrong!! Women can sport too, and very well. Can they dunk? Some can. Are they physicall? This is a no contact sport yet they dive and fight for that ball like any male would. Does it matter? No. This is a game of strategy and finesse. You come for the challenge and the sportsmanship. The rest is extra. Shamefully, the young women don’t get the recognition they deserve. More fathers should bring their daughters and sons to these affairs. She too could be the next MJ. Think about that for a second! She could aspire to become even better than Lisa Leslie, Sue Bird or Hall of Famer Cheryl Miller. (Reggie Miller will tell you his sister was a better player and sport legend than him.)

After enjoying 4 hours of heart pumping, high scoring, hard hitting, all out hoop action, I highly recommend to anyone that calls themselves a basketball purchasing seats and witnessing the magic live. If the bands, pageantry and cheerleading don’t compell you, at least use beer as an excuse to attend. You will not regret it. Many thanks and an empathic shout out to the Seattle Storm for the opportunity to see history in the making. I hope to see many of my nieces and even my unborn daughters wearing their university colors on the court and even going pro.

Enjoy the tournament ladies. 😀 Dreams do come true for those who work hard and dare to achieve!

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