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Emerald City Comic Con

The ECCC is a Seattle area based event where comic artists and all things geek coincide to give puny humans a chance to experience cosplay, sci-fi and nerd/geek culture. Film and TV stars along comic book legends honor guests with their presence, charging for photo ops and autographs. Woop woop! This is how I met Kyle Reese aka Michael Biehn and Hellboy aka Ron Perlman! Brings lots of cash or prepay for the many meet and greet experiences. Just remember, you will need a badge or ticket to attend if you buy sessions online that don’t include the price of admission.

Main Floor. Copyright MrsEnginerd 

Lines can get brutal but not as bad as the San Diego Comic Con or other major outlets. Panels do become full and have wait times so bring snacks and entertainment. Featured themes include everything; from the role of females in movies and video games to up close and personal Q&A with your favorite movie and TV stars.

Copyright MrsEnginerd – Game of Thrones Panel with Sir Loras

The cool thing is that if you forget to dress up or choose not to you can still people watch and enjoy the conferences! And FYI: The promenade behind the comvention center is a good place to people watch, right across from the main hall, as this is the point of access for attendees. ❤❤❤

Cosplayers at ECCC 2015. Copyright MrsEnginerd

Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2017, ECCC is full of surprises. They will have Stan Lee, Jamie and Claire from the hit Showtime series Outlander, and Tom Felton from Flash and Harry Potter fame. You can check their webpage for more info on past and present attendees to know more or less what to expect. Some cosplayers will agree to pictures and usually the 501st Legion is available for photos, accepting donations for their favorite charities or selling items made of local Star Wars fans. 😀

Main stage at ECCC, R2 and C3PO. Copyright MrsEnginerd

Usually held in March or April, this event is a good addition to a personal, business or family trip. Tickets go on sale in late January or early February so get yours ahead of schedule to avoid counterfeits or overpaying through resale outlets. Passes are available for one day or the entire weekend. Plan accordingly cause they can get pricey as the cost varies by day.

Enjoy the movie previews, screenings, costume balls and the many booths on the floor. Wednesday to Sunday geek fun is on the horizon for me as I got tickets for Sunday, March 5th 2017. It has grown to be a not to miss event these past years.

Resistance is futile.

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