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Thirteen Reasons Why, 10th Anniversary Edition

I picked up this book at my local Costco because it had a sticker that read “Netflix Original”. My goal was to devour it before it hit the screen. If the masters at Netflix manage it well, this adaptation should become an instant hit. Why? It is a tale about suicide, the people that pushed young high school student Hannah to the edge of dispair, and the one person who truly loved her, Clay.

Back to the book…

This 10th anniversary edition is full of extras that help put the author’s journey into perspective since writing a book about suicide is never an easy task. However, Jay nails the teenage angst and anxiety, the raw emotions of fighting to claim your own stake in the world, and the frustration of not being in control of your own image. I read every single word and savored it. The message is poignant and one that we should all adhere to: Everything affects everything.

Clay’s emotional roller-coaster ride is one I can empathize with and one that, like him, I was glad I took by his side. A must read for parents of teenagers and kids alike. Would be an awesome book club topic at any age. I wish I had read it sooner and I am glad many will get to see it come to life. The value of the conversations this subject should elicit are unmeasureable; it could be life changing and more so life saving.


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