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Assassin’s Creed (Movie, 2016)

Michael Fassbender produced and stared in the live action adaptation film based on the Assassin’s Creed videogame franchise. Using the Animus and Abstergo Industries concepts that Ubisoft developed for the game, the narrative focuses on Cal, a descendant of one of the most important Inquisition era assasin, who is the key to find a precious artifact called the Apple of Eden.

This is the reason why you must suspend all sense of disbelief when watching the film: It is a mix of Templar lore with a dash of alien sci-fi tech and humanity origin story. Although the movie stays away from explaining the connection to ancient powerful god like civilizations that may have shaped and created humankind, it alludes to the central theme of the videogame franchise; finding information that the Templars need to rule and influence the modern world. The action packed scenes however manage to supress the sci-fi quality of the story and engages the viewer in wonderfully choreographed escapes, twists and turns.

What impresses the most is the special effects and the precision of the parkour stunt performers. You will feel like you are watching a faster, more detailed cut scene from the video game. The leap of faiths alone are astonishing, and only pale in comparison to the panoramic and bird’s eye view of the Spanish cities revisited through the DNA memories of Cal’s ancestor Aguilar. The writers made sure that women played central roles in this woman developed and led franchise so they enlisted Marion Cotillard to play Dr. Shophie Firkkin, the mastermind behind the Animus and the proposed cure for violence that the Apple of Eden is sure to unlock.

By the end you will be wondering if free will is really the root of all sins, or if in a way, free will is what keeps humanity growing and prospering. The religious undertones are ubiquitous yet subtle enough that you won’t be detracted by them. If you are a fan of the games you will not be disappointed by this installment of what should become a movie franchise too.


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