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Château Enginerd: The Final Countdown, Part Deux

Last week it looked like maybe, just maybe that sewer system may be installed in time for the holidays but, it was not meant to be. After a lot of negotiations and scouting out possible alternatives, we are back to square one. My builder is anxious to get this going. We are anxious to get into the property. All that is holding us is the sewer.

At this stage people assume we can sue and win tons of money but our builder is a one of, small operation, that would go bankrupt if we so chose to litigate. Because the risk of getting stuck with a lawyer’s bill is high, and we can’t afford it, the only option is to negotiate. So far they understand a penalty must be incurred but the sewer budget is making it look difficult to get a lot more than the house and a few bucks. I don’t mind it as long as we can get the house. That’s the priority now, to finish the project and move.

I’m not sure how the builder will pull this off but I am confident someone can help us get this done before it becomes a nuisance to all involved. The last thing I want is the work to collapse and lose the place altogether. Wish us much success.

There goes our Christmas miracle!

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