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“Ohh, we’re halfway there!”

The Château is still waiting for water and sewer connections but it is safe to say that once the permit ink is dry, the subcontractor will break ground. You’d think I’d be worried about the frost or the threat of snow but I am most concerned with moving Zach and our belongings over to the new place. Using Thanksgiving weekend for this task would be ideal and to pull it off we are going to ask for a few favors and miracles to get clearance to take possession before closing.

The road to closing has been rough. The final countdown is here. We must close before Nov 30th to be able to move if rhe the aforementioned plan doesn’t work out. Our loan officer thinks that we are going to be down to the wire on this one. Between getting a grace period for the loan lock extension (so we can close on the 30th) and the water/sewer hook ups, there are about 7 more days of waiting but only 5 business days, if we count todat. Our credit got rescored because we paid off debt and this will surely get us a better PMI. Can’t wait to save enough to pay the principal down and not have this beast on our backs. Thank you 2008 economic downturn! (Sarcasm)

We barely made enough to break even debt wise from the sale. With the new room coming up the week of the 29th, we are almost wiped out. Sad too because we had high hopes for the cash and due to tje excise tax, we lost the cushion. We had to use savings to pay down the fridge. 😦 At some point I will need to find a higher paying job to get some of this money back, and to avoid a future wave of layoffs in my current team. Neverending story. Buy house, get layoff notice. This time I did it backwards. Let’s see if that helps stave off the dark times ahead.

I’m going to upcycle as much as I can in this new home. Expect a few hardcore DIY posts; I need to build a master walk in closet, an office desk, and a book storage unit. If my plans go well, I could have all these under my belt before my holiday vacation trip. All I need is to go buy the router and compound miter saws at Home Depot during the Black Friday sales and I will be golden.

Bring it on Hell Week 2016!

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