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See No Evil (TV Show, Investigation Discovery)

Investigation Discovery created a show dedicated to law enforcement’s best friend: the perfect eyewitness. Yes, they do exist! According to the plot of the show, they argue that the best witness to a crime is the one who remembers all the details, the time date and circumstances surrounding the events. Law enforcement knows where to find these resources and it turns out they are everywhere, silently observing our every move. Still not sure who they recruited into their informant circles? Read on.

There’s only one entity on this planet that can pull off an accurate recount of events, unbiased, and from a bird’s eye view: the video camera. Made popular by the need to deter crime in public areas, and to surveil private property, these devices are ubiquitous in today’s modern infrastructure. Very few locations don’t have these security devices which makes it easier to track people and to record and replay events for posterity. Sadly, the crimes presented in the series are real and all have had nefarious endings. While the people in a particular location or public spot carry on, the camera footage shows what happened to the unsuspecting victim featured in the episode. The contents of the videos is both shocking and alarming. Makes you realize it could happen to you. To anyone.

After a few minutes into each case you will start to identify with the victims. Most people don’t realize they are being followed, are distracted and panic when confronted by an assailant. Although the show doesn’t give you tips to avoid being caught unprepared you start getting an idea of how to protect yourself by staying within camera range. As long as there is a silent and known witness around people will be weary of messing with you. Or at least they will get caught. You’ll see how each step is retraced and reconstructed by the experts to catch the suspect and find the missing persons. In between takes you will hear testimony from the family and friends, feeling their pain and learning how they contributed to the investigation. It is both fascinating and heartbreaking to watch.

This show is excellent for crime investigation buffs and afficionados. I caught the reruns which are also available via the IDGo app and cable channel website. Some of the reenactments aren’t suitable for some audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

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