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Flip or Flop (HGTV)

If you want to binge on lots and lots of construction and remodeling tips check out this show. Even though the intention is to show Tarek and Christina’s incursion into the foreclosure flipping business. The first episode sets up the story of how the crash of 2008 became a booming platform for the refurbished home market. With a few hundred thousand dollars in cash and realtor experience, this married couple takes the worse California homes and turns them into gems. The returns alone on their investments are enough to convince you to join in on the fun. 🙂

The beauty of the show is that it doesn’t need to be seen in order because each project is self contained. However, some of the poshest projects start appearing later in the game because of their earlier success. There’s more drama and daunting tasks at the start because of their inexperience but it levels off as the show matures and the surprises become even more spectacular. By Season 3, Tarek and Christina have the chops to do many of the redesign recommendations themselves and you get to see how their business grew to allow them to run multiple projects with their own construction company. It is hars to avoid falling in love with the recurring themes, the main characters, and the homes. T&C manage to keep it down to earth even when they are redoing multimillion dollar abodes. It is hard not to root for them to be successful.

As engineers we appreciated learning about sheer and load bearing wall reinforcement techniques to eliminate unwanted walls and beams. The plus was that my husband learned a lot about how to mix quartz, paint, wood, marble, granite and tile to make our new home pop. It was easy for us to have fun and get creative with our layout since we got into the property before the walls went up. I highly encourage folks to do brand new construction customization at some point in their lives or at least a modest DIY remodel. The changes they showcase as ways to maximize a home’s space and value are so varied you can find a solution that fits your budget. If you are selling your property take the time to watch one episode to better understand the power of good design and staging to sell faster. The devil is in the details though…

Watch Flip or Flop Thursdays at 9pm on HGTV.Enjoy!

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