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Hyperbole and a Half…

Allie Brosh nails it with this eloquent and funny account of life and personal enlightenment. You may be fooled by the caricatures, which have become veritable memes on their own. Her message resonates with most of us in the adult “age” bracket; the Millenials with a Gen X twist who are both happy and overwhelmed with the adulting life. Born and raised in a world full of competition and perfectionism, Allie finds herself caught between the image projected on us by the previous entire generation versus our true inner reality. We are living in a world that tells us we are inadequate in many ways especially if we decide to not get married and procreate like expected. The mold has been broken and the results are extraordinary.

The entire chapters and bits about depression are eye opening. The content makes you laugh but at the same time it humbles you. The author explores the isolation and solitude being depressed brings and how the anxiety of failure and the responsibilities of life can make us apprehensive about reaching out for our dreams. Many of the symptoms and behaviors described in this portion of the narrative resonated with me during my layoff. It reminded me that as a human I had a right to feel angry and sad, or nothing at all, during my time of loss and grief. I mourned my career until the day the sadness lifted and I started to feel like myself again. Thanking Allie for explaining to the world the ordeal was liberating and exciting at the same time. Now I have funny material to approach a serious subject. (She even breaches suicidal thoughts and sheds some light on how she dealt with the darkness.)

It is a very good quick read which I would recommend to older teens and any person who is having a hard time coping with life, love and the pursuit of nerds. It has lots of illustrations and comedy. Buy one for a friend and start a book club. You won’t regret it.

By MrsEnginerd

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