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Generation Me: Why Today’s Young Americans Are More Confident, Assertive, Entitled – and More Miserable Than Ever Before (Book)

Jean M. Twenge created  this excellent book a few years ago, and updated it recently- to make a case for the Millennials or Gen Y. For some strange reason, my generation was seen as lazy, disloyal and well, as losers because of student debt, the abysmal job market post college and our need to stay home with our parents for a bit ñonger before reaching economic independence. Many of these perceived truths are debunked by the analyses presented, which are backed up with data – analyzing trends via questionnaires is an acceptable practice in science, research and academia, btw- and with sound logic. I respect this book, and admire this  Ph. D, because she dared defend a group that had been judged too early without enough workforce statistics and actual performance numbers. Many times I’ve had to defend my peers because people still think we are participation ribbon kids full of entitlement. We aren’t anymore, and after 10 years plus in the real adult world we hold the keys to the kingdom now. We are 30% of the workforce now!

The information presented is echoed in the hundreds of articles and books about generational diversity. What we experienced – 9/11, war on terror, globalization and the remnants of the Cold War- defined us and sadly made our cynisism rise to the surface. We are not under the illusion that the world is a safe place and we were raised knowing our lives could end at any minute due to war, famine and pestilence. As this generation matures and comes to terms with their own reality, discussions like this one in this book will help them find their own voice and way. (The youngest of the bunch are still in high school while many are finding their way through college.)

As Time Magazine points out, this Generation Me may save us all and you would be remiss to learn more about the myths and pathos of this generational group from the perspective of an advocate. Maybe we started slow and not as strong but now we are poised to take on the adulting responsibilities and make our planet a better place for us and our grandchildren. Having to right all the wrongs done by our predecessors is a daunting task but we will not disappoint. We have the tools to do this, we just need an opportunity to shine.

Good book for Millenials who are clueless about what they are up against bias wise. Boomers should read it to better understand the plight of the youngins. Lots of good ground to cover still.


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