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Two Good Reads for Dog Lovers

Amazon Books had a sale featuring dog lover texts which included some of the tomes previously reviewed in this section of the blog. (Check out Four More and Four good reads for dog lovers.) However, these four selections are special and dear to me because they deal with a subject close to our family’s heart: Pit Bulls, rescue, cancer and behavior. Hopefully they will continue to grow your expertise on the subject of canine development.

Rescue Road by Peter Zheutlin

Rescue Road gives you a look at how Greg Mahle, a trucker with a heart, transports dogs from the deep south to their new forever homes. Having had it all as a restauranteur, Greg decided that he was better off doing something he loved and dog rescues were up his alley. Narrated by the author, the journey becomes the story of how many dogs are found, treated and adopted through rescue efforts that feature rural Louisiana and Houston, to name a few places. You get to experience the hustle of the road and the fight in the streets and animal control system to save these animals providing a unique behind the scenes look at how rescues and pounds truly operate.

Pit Bull by Bronwen Dickey

The battle over an American icon is the best byline to describe the love and hate relationship the USA mainstream has with the Pit Bull designation. Not technically a breed and comprised of many candidates, the term Pit Bull has been coined in popular culture to describe tenacity and aggresion, not something all the breeds under this category exhibit or share. To this day no one in the veterinarian community can prove the dogs lumped in this category bite more, harder, or are inherently vicious. The pages in this book will shed light on death by bites statistics, the media panic and the backstory of the fighting dog that eventually became the domesticated American Pit Bull Terrier. A must read for pit bull type owners and for the opposition.

If you find other book titles let me know in the comments. This is becoming a trending category. 🙂

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