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Rebirth, The End of DC’s The New 52

DC Comics, and Marvel for that matter, have gotten into the habit of rebooting and rebranding comic book serials every decade or so to attract new customers to their material. Since I wanted to jump back into this hobby, I took advantage of their 2011 initiative called The New 52. The reboot included popular titles like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and added a few extras like Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) and Sensation Comics. My comic book lady swears by Midnighter and Grayson which rounded out the titles and added a bit of intrigue and badassery to the DC Universe, proof that there was a comic book title that would appeal to every kind of nerd in the world.

To everyone’s surprise DC decided to discontinue The New 52, a month shy of its 5th year in print, to replace it with Rebirth starting June, 2016. The stories, reduced to 32 titles, will begin right after Flashpoint and supposedly incorporate the best story arcs and details of the canceled serials. For the most part, the DC Holy Trinity will remain the center of the universe, assisted by Flash, Green Lantern and the rest of the Justice League. The old school fans will be happy to know Action Comics and Detective Comics will return to the original issue numbering sequence and that a one shot graphic novel of Wonder Woman is in the works as part of this endeavor. Yay! (Check out Wikipedia or the DC page for a complete list of titles.)


I have to admit that the God of War storyline for Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman, was not that bad but the Finches whiney gal had to go if they wanted my hard earned cash. She was recovering nicely though in the last few episodes. 😦 My husband swears Batman wasn’t bad either but there were so many offerings for the Caped Crusader that it was hard to catch up with the story. Everyone I know and reads the offshoots had issues with Batman Beyond’s exit of Terry Mcginnis who got killed off Game of Thrones style. No word yet on who will replace him. So long New 52! Thanks for the memories, even though the weren’t so great…

Looking at Rebirth, I am excited about Trinity, a Batman – Superman – Wonder Woman  crossover title.  (About time!) It was good to read that some of the surviving yet modified titles will move to a twice a month releases. Go visit your local comic book store and pre order the items from the catalogue that call to your attention. If these result to be as good as people are boasting, the issues will be flying off the real world and virtual bookshelves, and you will fall behind. Gasp! There are mentions of digital copies for ereaders in some of these offers but I don’t think they will be included with the hard copy price. At $2.99 a pop, it may be best to wait for the compilations if you are not a serious reader or fan which will save you a few bucks at the cost of waiting at least 6 months to a year for the first volumes to come out. (The risk of spoilers for this route is high. Proceed with caution.)

I can’t wait! Eeek!

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