Mrs Enginerd Poetry Project Zach

A Day in the Life of Zach (I am Z)

Wiggle wiggle wiggle,
Woof woof woof,
I stretch after rustling from under the covers,
Belly up, legs up,
Rub me, rub me, rub me!

Down the stairs and to the right
My bowl awaits full of delights,
The door closed, I sit nearby,
My signal to let me go out into the sunshine.

Play, prance, ball in mouth,
I walk about the whole back yard,
Sniffing, finding, hiding, running,
Letting my family know I am alright.
A healthy puppy enjoying life.

Diligently I raise my paws
And follow all commands to sit and wait
Until my mom and dad clean me up
And prepare the treats that fill my day.
I’m looking forward to their return,
After they have fun at work.

Instead of missing them, I entertain myself,
I don’t eat socks, nor clothes nor shoes,
The only think I chew are toys
And I play by myself, alone.
Independent until the day I die,
But loyal still.

I take care of their valued possessions,
And I know their most invaluable is me:
They tell me that they love me daily
And I lick their faces to let them know I love them too.

Wiggle wiggle wiggle,
Woof woof woof,
I go up the stairs and into bed.
They turn the light off and lay down,
While I negotiate my way under the covers.
Here in warm, body to body contact I sleep,
And wait for the alarm to sound again.
Maybe tomorrow is the day they stay home to play.

Dreams come to me at night
And I move and whimper with excitement.
I found my family, I am free.
I am happy to be me!
I am Z!

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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