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Obama et al, Please Nominate A Woman To The Supreme Court of the USA

History was made when Obama nominated and Congress ratified Sonia Sotomayor to the SCOUS of America. Justice Sotomayor is of Puerto Rican blood, a country that has lived under US rule for over a century. It validated that excellent people can emerge from the Bronx in NYC, with a cosmopolitan view and a strong sense of social justice. Alongside the notorious Justice RBG and Justice Elena Kagan, Sotomayor and her badass companions have become very vocal about the Texas HB2 rulings dealing with women’s reproductive rights and abortion clinic regulations; they ensured no stone was left unturned and no question went unanswered even when the male Justices wanted to sweep it all under the rug and move on to the next issue. (Click here for Slate article.)

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Moments like these prove that we need a fourth woman on the bench. The 4-4 split decision, as a result of the vacancy left by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, was only possible because of the pro-feminist view of one of the 5 men on the panel of judges. In a country where half of the population is female, a 2:1 representation ratio is no longer acceptable. Women work, contribute and raise the next generation of US Citizens to step up and do what’s right for insert preferred deity here, family and country. It is time we began to be taken seriously, seen as more than sexual objects and frail things that need to be taken care of. Our voices refuse to be silent any longer.

I wish Obama et al seriously considered a woman of color to fulfill the vacancy. I’d settle for any minority or nationality that sends a message of inclusion and diversity. For a country made and run by immigrants, we are the butt of jokes throughout the globe because of our blatant racism and disregard for all life. We are cruel to animals, cruel to the planet and cruel to each other. Candidates like Trump have guaranteed we are to remain the laughingstock of the first world. The cognitive dissonance of who we are and who we think we should be is hurting our street cred as citizens of the world.

I sincerely hope that the next femal Supreme Court Justice is out there, that she will get noticed, nominated and ratified. I expect the men in the Senate and House of Representatives to honor our Constitution and the President’s right to make history. Who better than Obama to prove to our own people that people of color are capable and very much desire the responsibility of shaping the future of our Nation’s Identity. We need to do this for our children, for our daughters and granddaughters. We can no longer deny that women must stand together and erase all of these mysoginistic stereotypes.

Who knows, maybe the next President will be a woman too! If not, Bernie Sanders will have a shot at nominating Hillary for Supreme Court. (Assuming he wins the rigged primaries.) The irony. Hehe

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