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The Force Awakens v. A New Hope: How Disney Remade Star Wars

Although the content is mostly spoiler free, it is not kind to the movie. Unless you are really interested in reading my opinion, I suggest you skip it. The hate is strong with this post.

Ever since Episode VII was announced, I have been dreading watching the movie. The hardcore read-all-the-books fans weren’t very happy that the Expanded Universe (aka Legends) would not be honored nor included in the new installments of our beloved franchise. Although Disney was aiming to attract new viewers without alienating the old crew, it is painfully obvious that The Force Awakens polarized the fan base. With so much fan service employed as a nudge to the faithful, you’d expect a lot of us would fall in line. Instead, it made us angry because most of us felt we had seen this movie before. The old story repeats itself in a 2.5 hr movie. Lame.

Of course when I say we, I am including my husband’s opinion of the film which has absolutely no kind words for Kylo Ren’s portrayal. As a Millennial, I feel offended when a 30 year old man’s character is based on a spoiled bratty child. He’s had 19 years to perfect his craft and he is still making rookie mistakes. In any field of work he’d be a season veteran! By far Lord of the Knights of Ren, not Sith affiliated, is the worst dark side of the Force villain ever! Darth Vader is not proud of you, kid.

There were so many things that were presented either incorrectly or incongruously that enumerating the failures isn’t worth the time and effort. Expanded Universe fan or not, you can tell from a mile away where this is all going, and it doesn’t look pretty. Rey is the new Luke and Leia (siblings separated at birth to ensure that if daddy corrupted one the other could still save the galaxy), Finn is Han (who also wielded Luke’s saber and is not force sensitive), and Poe is Wedge. The new kid on the block sucks at controlling and using her powers and therefore must hunt down a worthy master who is in hiding. Luke is Yoda. The circle of life repeats itself with new players. Even the Starkiller (the original last name Lucas wanted to use for Luke) moon base is a meaner Death Star and can be defeated in similar fashion. Is there anything in this universe that is new or makes sense?

Building secret killer planetary bases within shooting range of Coruscant is completely incredible. The Rebellion cannot be this incompetent. Even if it wasn’t the Senate’s city, it is still ridiculous to expect me to believe no one knew or had intelligence on this mammoth. Oy vey! Anyway, to save my movie going experince in 3D IMAX from being a bust, at least they decided to show Leia could feel the souls of those killed in battle or dying across the galaxy – as only a true Jedi or Force sensitive being could.

By the way, that BS story that Leia never trained because she was too busy with her career as a rep of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic is ludicrous. In the EU she had made the time to get trained, honor her heritage and kick political butt. I can tell the whole rethoric of “women shouldn’t be able to have it all” mysoginistic crap is alive and well with the Gen Xers. J. J. Abrams et al you failed us ladies greatly by allowing a powerful woman like Leia to become a footnote in the history of the rebirth of the franchise she helped launch! For shame!

Let me climb higher on the soapbox for a second here. If you think this movie is the best thing since Empire Strikes Back then you can still be my friend but you will be on probation. (However if you read the Legends then we are good.) I can’t describe the disappointment of seeing history rehashed in such a crude way, without any regard for the solemnity and discipline using and mastering the Force requires; any idiot can wield a lightsaber or use the Jedi Mind Trick apparently. This blatantly says to me “Look kid you don’t need 4-5 years of engineering school to build a robot. Feel the robot and it will come to you”. Ugh! Validating that Millenials are out of the box geniuses isn’t helping anyone, especially the poor kids who don’t even know they aren’t special. Not everyone can be Rey.


RIP Ben Skywalker and Mara Jade. RIP The New Jedi Order. Today I bury all of my good childhood and teen age year friends like Prince Xizor and Admiral Thrawn. May the Remnants of the Empire forever live on in the hearts of the book worms. I sincerely hope The First Order wins.

P.S. Luke, like Obi-Wan was taught that to master the Force one could not have any distractions or ties, such as family. He has always been a hard core, rule following Jedi Master, at least in the books. If Rey is not Leia’s…

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