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My New Bucket List

For a long time now I haven’t had a decent bucket list that covers the rest of my life. The original document I drafted in high school is nearly completed and some items were obsolete; age and career moves placed me far away from some of the goals delineated in my to do list. Although I am not sure when I will kick the bucket, the proverbial metaphor for dying and passing into the great beyond, the idea of having my goals written down helps me deliver on all the promises I made myself. Paying yourself first is the wisest thing you can do, especially since there is no guarantee we will make it to our golden years.

Why make it public? To inspire others to follow their dreams and to name the subjects that future readers will find under this category. Life is too short to not share the good ideas so feel free to share yours too!

  1. Attend a F1 Grand Prix in Monaco.
  2. Visit all 7 continents of the world.
  3. Meet a famous author. See The Day I Met Isabel Allende
  4. Meet another race car driving legend. (Jeff Gordon would be ideal, Petty and Schumacher a dream. I was 10 ft away from Dale Earnhardt once and he waved at me!)
  5. Visit Athens, Greece.
  6. Walk the Hoover Dam or any dam for that matter.
  7. Ride the Shinkansen (bullet train).
  8. Visit Cannon Beach from The Goonies. (It’s in Portland, Oregon.) July 2017
  9. See the Taj Mahal.
  10. Walk the Great Wall of China.
  11. Take a Mediterranean Cruise. (Completed August 2015)
  12. Visit the set of a popular movie or TV series. (Universal Studios Hollywood, April 2016.)
  13. Attend a World Cup, Olympics or World Wide Sports event.
  14. Apply for or earn a patent.
  15. Start my own company or LLC.
  16. Fund a scholarship.
  17. Own or drive a Nissan GTR or Skyline.
  18. See the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.
  19. Go to a concert as a VIP.
  20. Fly First Class on Emirates.
  21. Ring in the New Year in a place other than the USA.
  22. Pay off my house before retiring.
  23. Retire at 60 or earlier.
  24. Own a billiard table.
  25. Write a book.
  26. Win a professional award.
  27. Visit all basketball, baseball and football professional sports stadiums and arenas.
  28. Go to Cedar Point (amusement park) and/or ride the tallest, fastest and meanest rollercoaster in the world.
  29. Fly on a 787, A340, A380 and 777X.
  30. See a Broadway musical or a London musical.
  31. Get more than 1,000 hits on a blog post. (See I Lost A Friend On New Year’s Day (2011))
  32. Ride the London Eye. (Feb 2016)
  33. Become a million miler.

My original list included items like graduating from high school without having children and getting a B.S. and Masters. I also had learning to drive and making a million by age 30 (got close but didn’t make it prior to the deadline). The last item I crossed off my original bucket list was seating courtside at an NBA game (saw Portland play OKC). As we grow, our dreams and goals change, and there is no reason why we shouldn’t update the list or start over. Everything can be achieved if we save, plan well and persevere.


For ideas on how to save check out my posts The Lost Art of the Xmas Club and The Best Layoff Advice I Never Got.

By MrsEnginerd

Engineer, DIY enthusiast, world traveler, avid reader, pitbull owner, and nerd whisperer. 😎🤓😘🐶

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