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Limbo (The Video Game)

As fall approaches and the Halloween decorations start popping up, the scare factor becomes an effective marketing ploy to attract crowds to the gore and suspense of mystery and horror games. Classics like Silent Hill and the Resident Evil franchises get revisited and sometimes new titles are released during this season to capitalize on America’s love for All Hallows Eve.

In the independent gaming arena, there are a few less commercial but highly rated and entertaining entries into the horror genre. Once of these is Limbo which is the story of a young boy in search of his sister who is trapped in limbo. To rescue her, you must complete a set of obstacle courses, puzzles and grim situations that are reminiscent of the first Saw movie. You will scream, cry, throw your controller and become elated when you beat the many levels of this platformer.

The game physics are incredibly sensitive meaning that your avatar will react exactly as expected and controlled. However, some jumps and moves will require pixel perfect execution, and some are so obvious that missing the logic will frustrate you immensely.

To boost the creepy and eerie factors the game was designed in shades of black and white. In some levels you will be engulfed by darkness and will have to make your way through by listening to the environmental sounds like drops of water or the bite of enemies. Since the game has been out for a few years there are a lot of video walkthroughs and cheat sheets out there so there is help if you get stuck.

I recommend that you play this game at night, or in a dimly lit room with the curtains drawn. Recruit some friends and have them watch in horror as your boy misses jumps, figures out the right way and recovers the achievement or trophy eggs. Bragging rights will be in order if you manage to beat the game with less than five deaths.


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