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Bottle cap love

Chalkboard paint is the it item of the 2015 DIY arts and crafts projects. You can make pretty much anything with it, from labels in containers to full size room walls to draw to your heart’s content.

My husband, W (Mr Enginerd and ultimate beer drinker), collects all the bottle caps from open bottles in a receptacle placed underneath a wall mounted bottle opener next to the fridge. Some blogs show you how to create your own version with wood or pallet remains; we kept it simple and it has become the belle of the ball at all our parties.


With enough caps to avoid repeating ourselves, I started to glue them in place forming a heart pattern.


The wood backing was purchased at the Home Depot and cost around $6! For less than 10 dollars (minus the cost of the beer) I had a nice wall art conversation piece. You can write a message on the chalkboard area. My recommendation is that you purchase chalk ink pens. The round chalk can peel off the finish especially from painted glass.

I’ll post the other projects on a different thread. My S4 is not cooperating today…

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